Send anonymous messages to any NEAR user for FREE

This is NOT a Pay-per-Message service!

TL;DR; You pay only for transaction from your standard NEAR smart contract allowance when you want to send a message to user that is not yet registered!

The project is in MVP stage, please connect me on Discord to know more.

Connect with me on Discord Server

Core Features

NEAR Inbox is now entering MVP stage and
we are building things we would use ourselves.

Below are the 3 areas we focused heavily right now

Finally that's what we needed!

How would anyone send a message to me, the owner of the `nearinbox.near` Wallet?
Now it's possible just by typing my wallet address and press send - our platform does the rest

Extreme security

End-to-end encryption of your messages so only you and your recepient can read that. But take a good care of your encryption keys!

Simplistic UI

We made only bells and whistles we would use ourselves. If you want some gif animations -
let us know! :)

Any Question?

Frequently Ask Question

Not gonna lie, we didn't receive those questions via email or social media - made up those questions. But these questions we would ask a service like this before signup. Hope this will help you!

Well, have access - yes, read them - no. That's because you are going to use End-to-End encryption and for us, people who don't have your keys, this will look like a sequence of random characters without possiblity to decrypt. But you must keep your keys in secure place otherwise if you lost them you wont be able to read your messages. just like access to your NEAR wallet - if you lost keys you lost access.

Short answer - no. We don't use NEAR blockchain to store your messages like other similar services do. We are not a big fans of "use blockchain for everything no matter what" so we can put a label on the frontpage "We decentralised!"

To identify you as a NEAR user, so you can send and receive messages without exposing your identity. We are not building a general mail service here, we are solving here only one problem - sending messages from one NEAR wallet to another.

Our Pricing



0.99Ⓝ Per Month

1 NEAR Wallet connected


2.99Ⓝ Per Month

5 NEAR Wallets connected


7.99Ⓝ Per Month

NEAR Wallets connected



9.5Ⓝ Per Year

1 NEAR Wallets connected


28.7Ⓝ Per Year

5 NEAR Wallets connected


76.7Ⓝ Per Year

NEAR Wallets connected